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Monday, June 9, 2008

Welcome to our blog!

Our blog was recently featured in a national magazine The Link and also in a Newfrontiers-USA video which was shown to about 800 people at the Midwest Celebration conference.

I thought I'd take the opportunity to welcome any new visitors and give a brief overview of some of our recent posts. To receive new posts please use the email or RSS subscription feature at the top of our blog.

Blog Recap:
  1. Checkout the first post where it all started. This entry outlines our plans and explains some of the background to our decision.
  2. This post reports what had happened in the first month of moving to St. Louis and starting the internship. Learn about some of the contacts we had made and the activities we had started.
  3. I interviewed a Church Planter in Kansas City and learned a great deal about his experience. You can listen to the phone call or read the transcript.
  4. I did a church "theme" study on how to involve students in church planting. I found this study particularly stimulating. This article was given to church leaders as a handout in a recent seminar on college ministries.
  5. I completed a theological study on Baptism in the Holy Spirit. This was very helpful to me as North American culture diminishing the expectation of encountering God's presence. This study renewed my passion and desire for more of God.
  6. I did a book review on The Multiplying Church by Bob Roberts. I highly encourage you to read this book as it will increase your vision for the church.
  7. I interviewed a church planter from Portland, Oregon. This guy launched with 150 people and has some great things to share with us.
  8. I just completed a theme study on Online Marketing for Church Planters. This post was fairly long but does contain the secrets of creating a successful web presence.
Please comment on posts if you have questions or thoughts. I'm always interested in how we can improve the content for our subscribers.

If you are new to our blog please watch our video and support us through prayer as much as you can. Please also consider supporting us financially if you feel God might desire you to do so.

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