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Thursday, July 31, 2008

So I made a mistake

I wanted to make a brief update and let people know that I prematurely uploaded a video interview I did with Rhianna from Atlanta. I reported that she had been completely healed of her Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) condition which was in fact unverified by a doctor at the time and has since been shown to be inaccurate. Broadcasting this on the internet created a lot of attention and disappointment for the family once they had it checked out.

Rhianna did experience freedom from pain during ONEBLAZE which was a real answer to prayer considering how physically demanding the week was. Those around her, not being familiar with her condition, were not able to tell if her spine had actually straightened up, and of course it is virtually impossible for Rhianna know. So, with the excitement over the pain going we all assumed a complete healing -- it was an honest mistake.

I wanted to publicly apologize about this and ask for forgiveness. I have expressed to Rhianna's Dad my deep regret about this. My desire for the youth of ONEBLAZE has been to see them grow in maturity, strengthen their relationships with their parents and release them to follow Jesus with a wholehearted boldness. In publishing the report on the internet I circumvented her parents authority which was a real lack of judgment on my part and I am truly sorry for it.

For those of us who believe in miracles it can be easy to make exaggerated claims without any accountability. I wanted to make it clear that I got this one wrong and hurt some people in the process. I hope I only have to learn this one once! As a young leader I have learned a valuable lesson.

The last thing I want to happen is for this to cast a shadow on the wonderful things that happened at ONEBLAZE in St. Louis 2008. During the event 7 of our youth indicated they had received physical healing, 4 became Christians and many had life changing things take place. We truly had the best conference ever and I know that a new generation of church pioneers is being raised up. I will be posting a full report on my blog soon.


Jenn said...

Very humble...well done

Jeff said...

Thanx Matt!
We are excited and thanking God that Rhianna had freedom from pain and we are continuing to pray for her complete healing. Our prayers are with her, her family and the leadership of Oneblaze.
Thanx for all you've done to bring us into a new direction with Oneblaze. You've brought a vision that fits with who we are as a church-planting family of churches on mission together. Keep after it...lead us into a better future that reaches the world.
I'm also glad I don't have to post everytime I get ahead of myself in the excitement and rush of the moment =)
Go man! Go Rhianna!

With you man!


pam said...

Poppa is especially fond of you! and at this moment so is your aunt pam.
i love you,