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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Macrae Truette Sweetman

Our second son, Macrae Truette Sweetman, was born today at 11:51am. He weighed in at 10 lbs 2 oz and measured 23 inches long -- now that's a big baby! He is doing really well and seems like a happy little (or big) guy. Heather is doing OK. Some vomiting, but that can happen with c-sections. Our kids couldn't be blessed with a better mother. Man, I love my wife! 

The name Macrae means son of grace. I think that is rather fitting. Life is a complete gift. It's unearned yet occurs freely. He has been born because of the grace of God in our lives and on his life. He has come into existence because a creator God designed him and gave him life. What a miracle! 

Seeing a new born baby is pure evidence of God's existence and our need to be connected to him. Life is so fragile and we are so helpless. Yet, life is so meaningful and emotional at the same time. We all know we should have dignity but we know that we are also in great need. Only the fact that we were created by God and have fallen away from a relationship with him makes the scenario of life understandable. 

So, to all the sons and daughters of grace (that's you), may you find your joy in God and your peace in Jesus as you remember that every breath is a sheer gift of grace. Remember, your life is a gift, what do people usually do when they receive a gift from someone? Let's be thankful. Get on your knees and give Jesus glory for your life. There is no one like you, because there is no one like God!

Here are some photos of Macrae Truette Sweetman:


Em said...

Oh Matt he is beautiful! Give him lots of extra kisses from all of his Houston Herrington/Hartzog family!!! We love you guys!

Rachel Mowrey said...

He's absolutely perfect. Please give your wife a loving *squeeze* from me...but don't make her puke. Lots of love to you guys! ~Rach

4onfaith said...

Wow you guys! He is absolutely beautiful!! I didn't know they came that big!!! Congrats!

Big hugs from the Pittman clan!!!