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Monday, March 9, 2009

200 Prayer Team for the Chicago Church Plant

One of the most common mistakes that new churches make is to underestimate the level of spiritual warfare involved in church planting. Therefore, it is our desire to gather a BIG team of prayer partners who are willing to pray through a monthly (or sometimes weekly) itemized prayer list. Basically, if you are breathing and if you have an email address, you can sign up for this!

Our goal is to gather 200 prayer partners. As of a few minutes ago we had 67. I'm hoping that after this blog post we can bump it up quite a bit more! I'm counting on you! Here is how you sign up and pray for us:
  1. Visit
  2. Click "Join the prayer team" on the black box on the right
  3. Fill in your name and email address (please make sure you spell your email correctly!)
  4. CLICK THE LINK in the confirmation email. (VERY important step)
  5. As you receive prayer requests please take time out of your week to pray through them.
The process is very straightforward. When you are on the site please checkout the other things we have going on. Post a comment and share it with others who might be interested. 

Signing up for the prayer team will also be a good way to stay on top of our news and developments. 

Please visit: and become a prayer partner!

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