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Monday, October 29, 2012

Start disciple-making sooner (and a book I wrote)

Since starting Destination Church in Chicago we have experience the good, the bad and ugly of church planting. We started with a very small team and after officially launching a couple of years ago we are now touching the 150 mark. This number of course only tells part of our story, but by Gods grace we have continued to grow numerically and in spiritual maturity. Through this experience I’ve been working on a special project to more effectively integrate people into the life of the church, even from day one.

Since the start we’ve given books to our first-time guests as a “thank you for coming” gift. It always makes a positive impression and the content of the various books has motivated some to quickly make important decisions for God. However, I have never been fully pleased with the content of those books. They never really seemed to say everything I wanted, and they never seemed suitable for both believers and unbelievers alike. So I wrote my own, and I’d like to share it with you in the hopes that it would be a help to your church as well.

The book is titled Unforgettable: Your purpose in Christ and is available on Amazon, as well as in the Kindle format. We give this book out each week to our first-time guests with encouraging results. It’s only a starting point to move people into deeper commitment, it certainly is not a comprehensive plan for discipleship. Beginning on Monday October 29th it will be available for free on Kindle for a five day period. I want to give churches the opportunity to check it out and consider it as a tool for discipleship in their churches.

The initial goal of the book is to win a return visit from each first-time guest, whether they are a believer or not. This helps improve the assimilation process, which leads into a process of spiritual growth. If people don’t come back, how can we influence them? It inspires and challenges people to take simple steps towards being a disciple of Jesus within the church community. It places a high value on church, which seems lacking from other resources. This is something church planters and church leaders are passionate about. The book takes a very direct approach, but what we’ve learned is that books are a method of self-discovery, where readers are greatly impacted by new concepts because they are learning for themselves.

If you lead a church, or are interested in showing this to the leaders of your church, please take advantage of this free Kindle version. It’s a short read, at just fifty pages, and might take you around 30-40 minutes to read. Give it a shot and pick up your free Kindle version of Unforgettable here. It’s only free for five days.

Receive a 20% discount by ordering print copies from Those outside the USA may need to order from,, or

If you find the book helpful, please consider leaving a review at

Pick up your free Kindle version of Unforgettable here.

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