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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

St. Louis shows the most interest in Church Planting above other cities

What is going on in Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri and South Carolina? Well, between 2004 and August 2008 those States have generated the most Google searches for the term "church planting".

On average there are approximately 14,800 Google searches each month for the phrase "church planting". This phrase shows more popularity than "planting a church" which has an average monthly of 480 and "church plant" showing 1,800. Even the phrase "church planting conference" only shows an average volume of 320 searches per month.

This shows a significantly concentrated interest in church planting from the Midwest and the Southeastern regions of the USA. States with the light blue color below show zero data. This means that if any searches have occurred they were two infrequent or small to be recorded.

Regional Interest for Church Planting

The numbers next to the States do not represent the number of searches but a search volume index between 0-100, where the highest volume will always be 100, in this case Tennessee.

In taking a closer look at my State, Missouri, I see that the totality of searches are coming from St. Louis. I guess no one in Kansas City is interested in church planting -- making St. Louis a good choice for us to be trained in starting new churches. A closer look at Texas reveals that Richardson and Dallas alone share the interest in the phrase "church planting". Chicago is the hub for Illinois results.

After looking at the data over the last 12 months I can see that the number one State showing interest is Missouri followed in second place by Georgia and then North Carolina takes third. This focus over the last 12 months shows that St. Louis displays the most online interest in the phrase "church planting". And before anyone makes a comment about this there is no possible way that I am skewing the numbers through my personal searches -- there are just too many searches for any one person to skew it!

One observation from the graphic above is that West Virginia shows no interest but is completely surrounded by those who do. If you are in a surrounding region I suggest you converge on West Virginia as apparently there is no one there yet whose interested in church planting enough to ask Google about it!

This data would seem to suggest that St. Louis is an excellent place to receive focused training on church planting as it shows the most interest and therefore contains the most like-minded people. Does demand equal supply? Well, if you are interested why not look into Newfrontiers Church Planting Internship based in St. Louis and supply your demand!


Amie said...

Ooo very interesting. Thanks for the post!

Jenn said...

So you don't think Jubilee & the Journey skew the numbers? ;-) That's amazing. (nice advert, by the way!)

Matt Sweetman said...

We both definitely play a part in it.

Frankie Jarrett said...

excellent stuff! sometimes i can find myself reading too much on church planting "theory" it's always nice to see some "real" numbers =)

thanks for the great work you are posting matt.