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Monday, August 18, 2008

Wentzville Church

On Sunday the Jubilee Wentzville Church launched with weekly services and got off to a great start! Wentzville is Jubilee Churches second campus. The location pastor, Rick Hein, my mentor and friend, communicated this list of highlights:
  • 17 First-time Guests
  • 71 total attendance
  • Great weather (this is actually a very significant thing)
  • A Launch Team that came together and served magnificently
Plus, a few people indicated a fresh faith commitment to Jesus. These results are wonderful because having people connect to Jesus is the ultimate goal!

I personally feel privileged to have seen this new venture come together. It is not a typical church planting model but embodies another form of church planting -- planting new locations of the same church. It seems to be a very helpful way to share resources and therefore move faster. The next phase of growth will be exciting.

Read Rick Heins thoughts about how the launch went.

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