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Friday, April 25, 2008

A big and dangerous vision: Newday 2008

If you don't know I head-up ONEBLAZE, a Christian youth event for grades 7-12.

A few years ago I attended Newday, a Newfrontiers youth event in the UK, and it was AMAZING! The UK youth are doing something so BIG and so DANGEROUS for God that you can't help but be ruined by the vision.

Thousands of teens take on cities, camp out in local parks/race courses, and through local churches serve the community. The effect of all this? Many people find hope through faith in Christ and are added to the local churches, many youth become Christians at the Newday event and a generation of teenagers are transformed to live sacrificial lives for the sake of Jesus Christ -- who gave everything for them.

The message of Jesus is still changing the world today and you CANNOT stop it -- so you may as well join it.

My hope and prayer is that the youth of ONEBLAZE will do the same dangerous things. That our events, based in local churches and for the benefit of the communities around us will see great fruit in the lives of millions! I don't just want to see communities with fresh paint or cleaner yards. But I want to see people made right with God. To have the spiritual emptiness filled by Jesus.

Here is the promo video for Newday 2008. Please watch it and imagine what ONEBLAZE will be like. What an inspiration!


steve.miles said...

So Matt, I am wondering when we are going to have a really cool video like the Newday. Holy Cow! It was awesome even though I couldn't understand many of the English "accents."

Matt Sweetman said...

Multiply ONEBLAZE by 40 and we can get a cool video!