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Monday, April 28, 2008

What risky, innovative and world changing things are you doing?

One of my top 10 movies of all time is Operation Condor featuring Jackie Chan. It's a total guy movie. Lot's of hilarious martial arts fighting sequences. Recently I found the top 10 Jackie Chan stunts on YouTube (featured below) which gave me that nostalgic childhood adventure feeling -- kupow!

These stunts were MORE than incredible! They were life endangering, original and set Jackie apart in his field. They make you gasp!

It got me thinking. Am I innovating/risk taking, or just imitating because it's "safe"? Jackie Chan did not settle for safe. He pushed the boundaries. So, am I living a life for Jesus that puts him first, or just copies what others are doing? Will I only do things that feel safe?

Some challenge questions I am asking myself:
  1. What theological convictions have I simply accepted and not sought God on myself?
  2. Are there any other motives behind my leadership roles other than helping others and making God look BIG?
  3. What am I afraid of?
  4. What do I procrastinate about? Why?
  5. Do I know WHY we do church the way we do? Do I know WHY others do it their way?
  6. Do my actions line up with my life goals?
  7. What things will I NOT seek advice or help on?
  8. Do I have non-negotiables with God?
Checkout the top 10 Jackie Chan Stunts:

1 comment:

Erik said...

That was insane and awesome.