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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A random night building connections

A few weeks ago I met a Scottish guy at Enterprise car rental. He is pretty cool. Big arms, awesome accent and quite friendly. So I did the logical thing, I invited him and his fiance over for a BBQ and they came! Amazing I know.

He called me last night and cashed in on my offer to help them move house. I immediately went over because he's a cool guy, I had given him my word and we are trying to build friendships in St. Louis. My brother in-law came for a bit as well. Here is how the night went:
  1. 3 trips back and forth moving the big stuff.
  2. Failed attempt to get the box springs up the stairs.
  3. They have an "Adams Family" stair doorway thing that is truly something from a kids adventure movie.
  4. He has an expensive plasma TV, sub and blueray player -- I was jealous.
  5. I met 2 of their friends.
  6. They talked about some colorful things.
  7. Afterwards we drank beer until 1am in the morning. (I had 2 bottles of bud select)
  8. I got to bed about 1.30am.
Why would I do this? Simple. People are AMAZING! People have been made by God for HIS fame. I want to connect with these random people so that they are not so random. I am paying the relational rent.

I pray that they get HUNGRY for God. I shared with them about my internship and Jubilee Church. The great thing is that I'm making friends and making friends of their friends. I love getting in on social networks. They are so fun. People are WORTH it.


Jeff said...

Way to go Matt! Great's about people...God is after them and thus we should be. But, hey, be nice to Americans also:)

steve.miles said...

Great job Matt and great story. It is great that the guy took you up on your offer to help him move.

I am surprised that a Scottish guy offered you an American beer.